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About Heading
Competition Rules
Last modified: April 11th, 2005

Some terms used:

"Submission" is an image sent for review, pending the acceptance into the competition.
"Entry" is an accepted submission - the image has been entered into the competition.

1. The competition is open to everyone, worldwide. Minors may require parental consent to participate. All persons associated with this website or the Contest Panel are excluded from participation.

2. The submission must be created by a single artist, and only one entry per artist is allowed per contest.

3. The image must be original artwork created specifically for this contest, and must be the property of the artist who created it. Plagiarism will result in disqualification from the current contest, and a public example will be made of the plagiarist.

4. Display of your image to the public prior to the end of the contest will result in immediate disqualification. This includes posting your work (either in progress or completed) for comments and criticism on any forums, posting the work on ANY website (including your own website), any newsgroups or other mediums and media before the end of the contest, etc. THE CONTEST ENDS WHEN THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED.

5. Your submission must be 800x600 and in JPEG format. If you do not follow these guidelines, your image will not be accepted.

6. You must submit your full name, nickname, valid email address, country of residence, and the name of the 3D application used to create the image. Optionally, you may submit your website link and commentary about the image. All information must be truthful and correct. If you do not follow these guidelines, your submission will be rejected.

7. If at any time you are asked to provide additional information about your image including, but not limited to wireframe screenshots, model files, etc., you will have 72 hours to comply with this request. If you do not comply, you will be disqualified from the contest.

8. The minimum number of entries to run the contest is set to thirty (30). Contest voting will not open until there are at least thirty entries, and the submission deadline will be extended one week at a time until this number is reached or surpassed.

8a. We reserve the right to close the contest deadline and open the voting before the minimum number of entries has been reached if the contest has been extended for too long and no new entries have arrived. In this case the prize pool will be reduced, as per rule 18a.

9. No submission can or will be accepted past the submission deadline. Once the voting process begins, the entries are "locked," and the votes are cast immediately after the Voting Booth opens.

Review, Modification, and Re-submission
10. Each submission is reviewed by the 3DLuVr Contest Panel. This panel is composed of individuals involved in the art field in one way or another, who represent different occupations, education, and cultures. The decision is based on the contest topic, the assignment requirements, and/or any other number of parameters. The webmaster of this website has veto power and can override the decision of the Contest Panel about any submission in the competition.

If the submission is declined, it will be removed and the artist will be notified by email. Artist can then resubmit (via the submissions form) a corrected submission (if applicable after discussing the issue with the webmaster); a new submission; or withdraw from the contest.

11. It may take up to 72 hours for the submission to be evaluated. Artist will be notified if the submission was accepted or declined through an automated administration system. We strongly suggest that you do not wait until the last moment to send your submission because it may be rejected or require modification. Please allow reasonable time for email correspondence so that all issues will be resolved. This will help ensure that you have the opportunity to participate in the contest.

12. You have one (1) chance to withdraw your image from the competition and replace it with another image. This process is done using the same submission form as your initial submission. In addition, you may make one improvement to your submission. This process is done via email correspondence with the Webmaster. If the improvement is accepted, then it will replace the current image. If the improvement is declined, the original image remains your official submission.

Your Rights and Our Rights
13. By submitting an image, you agree to give us permission to display the image on our website(s) in any form for any reason. The image will remain your property, but you cannot claim any right or compensation for any reason related to the display of your image on our website(s).

14. You agree to permit us to strip your image from all signatures and/or identifying marks for the duration of the voting process. This process ensures anonymity and fairness in the voting process.

15. 3DLuVr reserves the right to cancel or change the contest at any time for whatever reason, without further notice or an advanced warning!

16. If an artist misrepresents a plagiarized image as his or her own, 3DLuvr accepts no responsibility for determining the proper owner. All and any legal actions resulting from said plagiarism is the responsibility of the artist who submitted the image. In addition, 3DLuvr will support any legal action taken against the plagiarist, to include providing record of the entry and any related correspondence.

17. All prizes are donated by our generous sponsors. The number of prizes and sponsors varies between contests, and is never a fixed number. Prizes are posted simultaneously with the new Contest assignment. We are not responsible for any discrepancies, omissions, and errors in the posted prizes.

18. The first five (3) ranking contestants from the top will be awarded prizes from the prize pool associated with the current contest. 1st ranked will be awarded the Winner Prize; 2nd ranked the Runner-Up prize; 3rd ranked will receive the Honorable Mention prize.

18a. If the number of entries is below the required 30, the contest prize pool will be reduced in the way that the winner prize announced will not be awarded, Runner-Up prize will go to the contest winner, while Honourable Mention prize will go to the Runner-Up of the contest. The Honourable Mention ranked artists will not be awarded a prize in this case.

The Voting Process
19. The entries will be presented in a simple enumerated fashion, and voters will only use visual aid to vote. No other artist information will be visible during the voting period. Once voting is complete, full information on the artists will be available in the Archive, and all the images will be restored to their original appearance with all artist signatures in them.
Contestants are not allowed to associate themselves with any entry in any fashion, using any method or location. Such action will lead to immediate disqualification from the contest.

20. The voting process lasts five (5) days, and during that period, the public will be allowed to vote. Votes will be recorded into our internal database using the installed voting system. All voters are required to have a valid, registered account on the 3DLuVr Network in order to vote, and the votes will remain confidential for the duration of the voting process, and beyond.
Voting is based on a Top10 ranking system. The first five ranked from the left in the Voting Booth Top10 section are the prize nominees (the ranks marked in bold). Voters will choose from all entries and will have to complete their Top10 choices in order to place a valid vote.
During the voting period, voters can save their current voting "session" and come back to it later to complete the voting. This feature is only available while the Voting Booth is open - sessions will be deleted afterwards. Saving a "session" does not record the vote; it only saves the current choices for later retrieval. Only regular votes that are properly placed using the "Place your Votes" button are recorded and counted.

21. You are not allowed to identify your contest entry on any public or private websites, forums, mailing lists, communications and other means. Such action will lead to your disqualification and removal of your votes, for unfair practices and violation of the Competition rules.

22. Final score is calculated through "weighting" of the votes placed based on the nominations of each individual entry. All nomination points in each category are factored using a predetermined logarythmic scale, and the sum of all categories points for every entry produces an overall or final score. The ranking of the entries is then based on the highest final score in the descending order.

In case there is a tie between two or more entries with the same overall score among the top 5 (prize winners), highest total number of nominations ("popularity" count) is used to determine the winner between the tied entries, and the entry with the highest number is given bonus points to tip the tie.

The record of voting is kept for up to a week after voting is completed, and then purged from the database.

Winner Notification and Winner Responsibilities
23. Winners will be notified by email within 10 business days of publishing the results of the voting.

24. Winners are required to provide a proof that they made the image they have submitted before awarding of their prize. Upon request, winners should supply an ample number of screenshots from different angles that depict the winning image, in wireframe, solid, or both modes. This rule applies to the Runner-Up and to the Honorable Mentions as well.

25. In order to claim his or her prize, the contest Winner (ranked as first) is required to write the �Featuring of�� article. This article explains the image creation process, including any tips or tricks used during the process, as well as the solution to any problems that arose during creation of the image. The article serves as proof that the artist is the true creator of the image.
The artist will retain credit as the author of the article, but all ownership rights up to and including copyrights is passed to and retained by the 3DLuvr. The article remains the sole property of the 3DLuvr, and the artist/author may not reproduce the article or post it elsewhere without express, written consent from the 3DLuvr.

26. If the Winner does not claim his or her prize within 2 weeks of being contacted about his or her win, this opportunity will pass to the first Runner-Up to claim the prize. This process will continue until somebody claims the prize.

27. If the Runner-Up or Honorable Mentions do not claim their prizes within 2 weeks of the notice of their wins, this opportunity will pass on to the next ranking contestant pending rules #23-#25.

28. Prizes will be sent after their respective winners have claimed them. Winner, Runner-up, and Honorable Mentions have fulfilled their claim as stated in the rules #23-#26.

29. Our sponsors are responsible for sending the prizes to the winners. We cannot be held responsible, nor can we provide a substitute in case the prize is no longer available or if the sponsors have retracted their sponsorship at any time during the contest.

30. Any of these rules may change at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed about our rules if you intend to participate in our contests.

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