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Privacy Policy
Last modified: Feb 13, 2002

Why donate?
It happened over night that I lost a very good ISP where 3DLuVr server resided for several years. They've closed business and I was caught off guard without any resources or the ability to afford even a temporary co-location solution because of the amount of bandwidth needed and traffic made on this server (excess of 18Gb a day avg.). For a split moment it seemed as 3DLuVr will no longer be.

Of course I wouldn't let that happen even if I had to sell my kidney to pay for a temp solution (yeah, I hear you can get $15-20,000, I don't drink so it's in A+ condition). Joke aside, with the kidness of people at The Global Animation Studio, 3DLuVr has found a new home, but that still did not solve my administrative and operations costs. For years I have been paying out of my pocket for all and any expenses there might be relating to this server, while all users and visitors enjoyed the product of my hard labour for free - the site(s) you are looking at now, and homes for many artists.

But, with the changes in the economy I cannot endure these costs anymore without an additional support. That is why I'm turning towards you - all the fans and visitors of 3DLuVr for help. The idea I have is to create and run a budget out of donations that will help bring 3DLuVr up to another level and make this great site even greater.

So, I'm asking all of you to, in a sense, help run this site, and this Art Community that resides on it, with your kind and generous donations. Anything you can spare monthly will be used towards the administration and operations costs. I do own my own hardware (I paid for the server out of my own pocket) but in case the upgrades are needed, I will use the donated money along with my own to perform such upgrades.

Think about it, if you can spare couple of dollars every month, it would mean that this site can grow bigger, bring you more content and gather more artists without a need for a real membership fee or a charge per download/file access. In turn, you will get more amazing artwork to see, animations to download; more articles to read, and in general have a cool place for inspiration and relaxation.

Ultimatelly, this is *your* community because you as visitors are part of it. Please help it if you can !

Again I thank you for anything you can spare to help this site run.

Pedja Ljubomirovic

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